Monday, May 30, 2011

River House Cook Out

~ Memorial Day Weekend 2011~

There was never a dull meal or a dull moment this weekend.  Friends, Family, & Good Eats...

The men of the house whipped up this dinner for us.   And what a treat it was.  
Here was my contribution to the meal.  A zuchinni and yellow squash salad.  You take the squash and slice it long ways with a vegetable peeler so that it makes thin flat squash.    Add 2 T EVOO and 2 T lemon juice along with salt and pepper.  Add shredded parmesan cheese on the top and toss.

Notice the great view in the distance from the backyard.  The view looks over the top side of the Lake and faces a breath taking sunset view.

Here we have Jazzed up boxed rice.   Added in sauted onions with demi glaze and diced bell peppers.  Then added about half of the flavor packet, which saves on sodium.

Barbequed Tri-Trip.      Delish

These were twice baked potatoes that at some point were made and then  frozen for another time.  We defrosted in the microwave and then baked slowly in the oven.
Alaskan King Salmon, directly caught by dad and brother in Alaska.    This rub was to die for on the salmon.  He said it was olive oil and a mesquite rub purchased at costco.
Alaskan Halibut.  I heard them talking about an italian dressing and mayo marinade, I think that was the basis of the marinade and then they jazzed it up a little more by taste..
These foil platters worked great for barbequeing the fish.  You could also do it with just the foil, which is what we usually do at home.

Hope you had a good weekend.

Eat Well & Play Well~

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