Monday, May 9, 2011

Quiche & Quizzas

In order to expidite the same day cooking and serving of two quiches, I prepped some of the ingredients the day before.

Grilled the chopped bacon.

Sliced the ham.

Weighed the ham to make sure I had a clue how much I should put in there.

Wow, don't you just want to pinch your fingers in to that picture and taste that bacon.

The bacon deserves two shots.
Bacon "bits" get degreased on a papertowl.

Time to grill the onions in the same pan/bacon grease.

Cut and wash the leeks.   (Take extra care in the washing as they are a little bit like a reality show and can harbor some dirt)

Cut into thin half moons or C's.
The two piles are showing the store bought one and the farmer's market one.   Left is FM if I remember correctly.

At the end of the onion grill, the bacon goes back in for a final bath.

Add some butter to your pan.

And time to grill up the leeks.

After a few minutes they will look like this.
And I wrapped up my fixings, after they cooled and stored them for the next morning.

The next morning...

My attempt at a pie crust. Safeway brand of refrigerated ready crust is ideal here.

Now, just to clarify I am making two different quiches: One with Ham and Leeks and One with Bacon and Onions.
One recipe called for Eggs, Sour Cream, salt, pepper

Whisk with milk, nutmeg,

Add in the leeks and cheese at the end


For the second quiche we used buttermilk and milk and eggs.
Salt and pepper


All lined up and ready to go, waiting for our crust to brown.

This one too.
Ok, we have a browned crust, now time for the fillings.
The ham and leek quiche started with a thin layer of ham

The bacon and onion quiche had a layer of bacon and onion on the bottom.  Who doesn't like bacon and onion?


Place in the oven and cross your fingers, oh I mean set your timer. 
Resist the temptation to open the oven to look at them closely.

Here is a shot at my first attempt at homemade quiche.   I think I would have filled them more next time, but that's ok because it left leftover "batter" for the next day's adventure....


The next evening, I had a free 30 minutes and I decided to do something fun with the left overs.

Quizzas!  I had just enough crust to line these mini cake pans.   (Who has these Pans just laying around in their house, you ask.  Well the answer is that I I didn't even know I did, until my husband pulled them out and said use these.   He had purchased them a year or so back when he made some batches of homemade meat pies.   He lived in Australia for a little less than a year and gained a hankering for meat pies and decided to take matters into his own hands when he was unable to locate any a year or so ago.   Maybe a recipe to come soon, if he decides to make them again and I can photograph.)

So I spread out all of the leftover fixings.


And poured in the remaining quiche mixture, I had juuust enough.

I am unable to locate the quizza final photo right now, but picture these browned up and beatiful and ready for your taste buds.   They popped out of the pan in a perfect sized easy to run with quizza fashion.   I took them to work and they seriously dissappeared quicker than I could tell people they were here.

Recipes were taken and altered from Woman's Day Magazine and The America's Test Kitchen Family Kitchen.  I was just told a few minutes ago by the quizza pan buyer (as I was double checking the title) that he saw an America's Test Kitchen Healthy Eating Cookbook. 
Very exciting, I may have to take a peak at it the next time I find myself in a bookstore.


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