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About Me:
Can I really sum it up in one page, I will try…

Over the past few years, I have become a fan of healthy living and it has become something that I am becoming increasingly passionate about.  I work an office job during the week and have found myself thinking about ways to inspire people around me, share my tips for healthy eating and just get on top of a mountain top and say: work veggies into your plan…

Going back 3 years ago, I realized that instead of the “freshmen 15,” I had acquired the “late twenties, working full time, fell In love 15.”  I decided that I wasn't happy with the 15, ironically that has always been my favorite number but still not happy with it.  I started walking up a storm and paying attention to what I eat.  Today, in addition, I am drawn to the wealth of information available about: what good foods can do for your body, what lack of good foods can do to destroy you from the inside out, and how such a huge part of how you eat is linked to so many cancers and morbid diseases.  So basically, I've decided that I love eating healthy; it's helped me reach my goals, it makes me feel alive/energized and so much more, and it is important to my future, so I am going to run with it, pun intended.

I have never been a big chocolate, cake or candy person.  However, I do attribute a small chunk of my late twenties 15 to home made creme brûlée; that and a lot of eating out.  When I am turning down cake and people look at me like I'm crazy I tell them that I am more of a salt person; which is the truth.  Give me old school Ruffles and sour cream ranch any day, over chocolate cake.

I should probably say I am by no means an expert or a nutritionist, (never say never…maybe the future holds that for me) nor do I eat healthy every day all day.    I won't be putting everything I eat in one day on here or count calories for you; I have read experienced bloggers who got tired of the critics real fast with that topic.  I have read a few books and will be referencing them from time to time.  I highly recommend educating yourself on something that you repeatedly put into your body and into the bodies of those you love the most; and not to mention is a vital part in keeping you alive.  I am admittedly not a huge novel reader but I have always loved self help books and now health books.  I subscribe to a few magazines that have evolved into health/ home/ food topics and consider time spent reading those a reward to myself.

By no means does this new love take over my life.  I am always on the go, have a hard tine sitting still, love the outdoors, and the fresh air.  We love to socialize with friends, snowboard, camp with our dog, take long walks, bikes to the beach, etc.  I grew up playing soccer, taking ballet, jazz, tap, riding offroad motorcycles, and so much more.  I can hang with the boys and the gals.  I would prance my frilly dress into the dirt and mud any day, then and now!  Well now it would be designer jeans, tank top and high heels (and as long as I didn't just straighten my hair), but you know what I mean.

My husband and I were talking the other day on a Sunday morning jalk (jog/walk), as we often do, about what we used to eat growing up and it was very profound the differences.  Unfortunately it has been said and proven that most Americans have a very poor diet and a lot of it stems from simply not knowing what to cook.  

On the same walk, we were also talking about grass fed beef (he has done some reading about it and I recently gave him a book for his birthday that had profound information on the topic. (I know odd birthday gift but he loved it, he is all into this stuff right now too.  (One year for Christmas I gave him a Santuko knife and he loveddd it; it is by far the most used knife in the house, and our knife collection gets a lot of use.))  Anyways, we were talking about how I never really liked steak a lot growing up because it gave me this yucky feeling in my tummy.  Same reason why I would never order a plate of fettuccine alfredo pasta because more than four bites of that makes me feel yuck too.  I decided in that conversation that my body as a kid and now did/does a good job of telling me what was good for me and was not.  I would imagine everybody's does that, I'm not sure. The body is a very complex thing but it tells us when it likes things and when it does not, the key for some is listening to that.  Back to the beef, we have gone to almost strictly* *u will rarely hear me say never, that is way too rigid for me* grass fed beef (Sprouts has best price) and I can eat that up without a twinge of nastiness feeling in my stomach.   A grass fed steak and a plate of brussel sprouts and spinach, that's a common meal in our house this season rotated in with very imaginative protein and veg loaded salads.

I have never gotten a flu shot and have been sick day free for about 3 years, serious knocking on wood right now.  Oh yeah, and I’m a little superstitious.  If you'll notice the Medical Provider’s commercials and adverting is geared towards healthy lifestyles: exercise and healthy eating.  Why, because it saves them money if you pay your monthly premiums and never have to use them.  
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