I would like to thank:

My dad for inspiration to the site name. "Eat Well, Play Well" is loosely named after his (and likewise our family's) saying "Work Hard, Play Hard."

My mom for instilling in me the importance of a pretty dish for any meal or snack (which just happens to work out well with my don't microwave in plastic theory) and for teaching me how to plan out a grocery list at home, in proper order of the grocery store, for a quick efficient trip. 

My mother-in-law for sharing her exquisite cooking skills with me and slowly breaking me into more and more new things.   She often sends us wonderful simple recipes that she knows I can handle.  Next up- more camera lessons please.  She also got my husband (a.k.a. us) this great book for his birthday that I have already referenced on this blog. 

My father-in-law for showing his son that men can and should cook.   We cooked his New Mexican Green Chili Stew Recipe (recipe coming in future) this last Christmas and it was wonderful.