Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Freeze Well, Eat Well

You may or may not know it, but Eat Well, Play Well also has a division referred to as Freeze Well, Eat Well.

The details of this great expanding venture are on the next few tabs of this blog, take a look.   We are cooking this weekend and are excited about this month's menu, which is sure to please many hungry appetites. 

This freezer if full of made to order healthy, homemade meals.  Imagine having your freezer stocked full of these scrumtious items and not wondering what's for dinner every night!

You simply pull the meals out a day or two before you would like to eat them and place them in the refridgerator to thaw.    Follow the simple cooking or heating instructions and you have yourself a meal.

 Here we have the rolled lasagna order, split in half.   

Placed in a beautiful baking dish and baked as per directions and you feel good about what you are serving yourself and your family.   Have you checked the sodium content on commercial frozen meals lately?

Here I added some brussel sprouts, you could add whichever side you please or simply eat it alone.    (There is spinach in this dish, so you can count that as your greens if you'd like :) )

We have many dishes which come in the baking dish already.  These are perfect for feeding a family or for guaranteeing leftovers for a couple.
This "Mexican Casserole" browned up nicely.   You wouldn't know it by tasting it, but this dish was made with cottage cheese to keep it light and healthy.

 I was feeding a small group, so I added some rice and some black beans.

We also do parties where you invite a few girlfriends over and we set up stations where you can prepare your own meals.  Imagine leaving a great party, with dinner for the week!  What a great excuse to meet up with the ladies. 

Assembly parties do not require any cooking in your kitchen and when the party's over we leave your area just as we found it.

Have a great day and Eat Well and Play Well~

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