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 Freeze Well Eat Well

What is Freeze Well, Eat Well?
With all that life has in store for us, the everyday planning and preparing of dinner can seem like a tiring chore.  At the end of your long day, imagine coming home to a home cooked meal for your family that is both affordable and nutritious.

We do all the shopping, prep and packaging.  You simply take the meal out of your freezer a day or two before you would like to serve it and follow the simple heating directions.  You now have a meal which you feel good about eating and serving to your family.

Where can I view this month’s menu?   Our website

How do I order?    Return your completed order form to your eatwellplaywell contact.  Or to order remotely, simply place your orders by email at or phone/text 714-723-1484. 

Are the meals good for me?
Our meal planning pumps up the flavor while keeping the fat and calories low.  This menu is formulated with you and your goals in mind.   You can count on the absence of additives, high sodium and many preservatives found in prepared meals.

Can I get my full order split?
Every order is a full order for 4, and yes:  We are happy to split full orders into two individually packaged orders for a small fee of only $1.00 per individual package. 

When do I need to order?   Each meal is cooked after you place the order so your personal order will be placed on our next “Big Cook.”  We cook 2-3 times a month, so order now to insure that you don’t just miss the cook. 

What other food services do you provide?
We also do parties at your home among your friends.  This is time well spent as everyone leaves the party with meals for the week!   If you are the one hosting the party, don’t worry.  All we need is your kitchen or space.  We come in with everything we need and leave with everything that we dirtied.  There is no cooking to be done on packaging day.  Ask about our Party Host Meal Discounts!

I am interested, but not ready to order this cook.   We’d love to hear from you at, and add you to our mailing list so that you will be updated when the menu changes and when to expect deliveries.  

We hope that you will find our menus diverse and family friendly at the same time.  Freeze Well, Eat Well’s goal is to make delicious and healthy food that you will enjoy with ease. 

Imagine… Being able to quickly and effortlessly answer that tiring question, “What’s for dinner?”

Freeze Well Eat Well    Beverly & Amber

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