Monday, May 9, 2011

Bakyard Bistro

A few things I love: 
Sitting outside under the sun,
Eating outside under the stars,
Being outside with friends under the sun or stars.


Often times, eating in and outside is much more fun than eating out and inside.

This adorable table setting was done by a friend in her shared back patio.  
It was a very special occasion of nothing-at-all and we were lucky enough to be invited over to help celebrate.  

 A bonus feature of the ambience was they turned their tv around, so that we could watch the Hockey game from outside.  

Now besides the adorable setting, we were in the middle of a two person cook-a-thon.  We have grilled corn on the cob, baked potato, fresh green beans, brussel sprouts that were to die for, bbq glazed chicken, and steak.  

This was my plate and I enjoyed every morsel of it as I took in the fresh air.

Brussel Sprouts are not just for making young kids sit at the table until they're finished.   They are actually very enjoyable and they are green so they must be good for you.

Remember to stop and smell the roses, or the fresh air, or the grill, or all of the above~

Eat Well, and Play Well~

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