Saturday, June 11, 2011

Give me 5 minutes

It is mid Saturday and I have been running around hunting, searching, gathering for most of the morning.  I always seem to have something on my agenda, even on a no plans day.   I made it home with one minute to spare (for the dryer repair man) and was ready to pass out from hunger.  Well not quite that bad, but I did do a no-no and set out at 8:00 and brought zero snacks..  I was able to make it with only stopping for a green tea and a V8.    Note to self, stash more protein bars and almonds in the car.

Back to the task at hand, in the 5 minutes that I had to spare while waiting for Mr. dryer, I whipped up a lunch and it was far healthier than anything I dreamed of stopping for for the 2 hours prior.   I was glad I waited for a whole food and home cooked quick "make up as you go" meal.    It ended up being a toasted whole left pita half, stuffed with half of a left over grass fed hamburger patty and a mediterranean egg salad.*    I was still hungry, so I had a bowl of plain greek yogurt, a cut up peach, almonds and a drizzle of agave nectar.

*The egg salad that I made, (I am lucky enough to be able to buy homegrown organic eggs from a coworker, and he just brought me a new batch, so I needed to make room for some more.)   I happenned to have 3 eggs already hard boiled, perfect for a couple batches of salad.    I hunted the fridge high and low and the mayo was no where to be found.  It appears that someone who shall remain nameless, but the only other person that lives here with me, used all the mayo without putting it on the grocery list app or buying it.  I took a deep breath and composed myself, and thought about how else I could make this salad.    I decided on adding plain yogurt and this mediterranean oil and herb mix. (I wish I could remember the proper name for it, one of Mr. Nameless's students brought it for him to try and we've been enjoying it every since)   If I don't say so myself, this may be the new way to go for egg salad sandwich, who needs mayo anyways.  Not me, often.

Sorry no pics of this, I was distracted by hunger....

I have gathered some photos of plates that have been whipped up in this house, minutes after walking through the front door.  I like to call these fast food aversions or 5  minutes or less.


I honestly stared at this photo for a few minutes, wondering what in the world was on this.  I believe it is: whole wheat toast, goat cheese, chicken patty, grilled onions and mushrooms, & tomatoes.   The chicken patty is precooked and can be from freezer to plate in 5 minutes, the onions and mushrooms must have been left over from a previous night.  I grill those up sometimes, just to have.

 This is a steak taco.  The steak was left over from a previous meal, and I added tomatoes and avocadoes and salsa after the photo I imaigine.

 Oh, apparantly one more picture to show that I added an orange to make it a meal.

 Now I will admit, this is quite the odd combo and more like a snack.  But what this does show is whole foods.  This is a whole banana, a whole nectarine, and whole small piece of chicken and I have a small meal or a snack.    Nothing processed here, nothing that has a package with ingredients on it an inch long.

 Another taco here, this time we have chicken patty on it.   Find a patty that you like, has the right price, has the lowest sodium, and not a laundry list of ingredients and use it.   Protein is super important.

 Cucumbers, tomatoes, and hummus.  Probably a little salt, pepper and EVOO.

 Quick salad with ground meat, and a side of brussel sprouts.   If you cooked the meat and brussels ahead of time, this is a quick throw together.

Tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, & pepper.

This has been Eat Well, Play Well, Quickly & without a recipe.  

What can you whip up?   Enjoy the rest of your weekend~

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