Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Market Night

I got an afternoon text asking if I'd be in for a trip to the Tuesday Farmer's Market Downtown and a bite to eat at our favorite burger joint.  For a few seconds I thought, oh man I have a lot tonight, I'm not sure if we have enough time.  And then I thought, well it might be good to break up the week a little.

We live just far enough from downtown now, that we can't make it there on bikes quickly, but we like to bike in to avoid the parking mania.    So we loaded the bikes into the back of the truck and parked downtown, but not too close.  We still needed a good 10 minutes of pedaling to get the leg muscles working.

Isn't she pretty...

A pedaling we will go....
25 degrees the restuarant was buzzing, just like the rest of the market   Not that great of a picture, I got shy when it came time to take the pic in the restaurant, I feared looking like a tourist.  

A couple years ago when they started the tuesday street fair night, the local businesses were complaining that it took business away from them.   From what I can see happenening now, these nights bring business to the area.  We hadn't been down there in a few months, and you could definetly tell that summer had begun and the kids and travelers were out.  It was the most crowded I had ever seen there.

The front pic is fried green and yellow green beans.   They were pretty tasty.   Behind those, you will see a plate of bacon wrapped dates.   These bacon wrapped dates are nothing short of incredible and amazing.   You can't help but stop and take a moment to enjoy these masterpieces while they are in your mouth.  We asked for the special sweet sauce that they used to serve it with and this appetizer was to die for. 

With the double appetizer, the last thing we needed was a whole meal.   We settled on splitting the ahi tuna burger.  I substitued the fried crispy onions for grilled onions.   I also ate about half of my bun.

The fair has grown a tremendous amount, and there was the cutest boy band playing on the corner www.uglypaint.net   we listened to them play for a few minutes and then moved onto the market.

With everything going on, the veggie shopping was not the center of our trip, as eating and indulging took the place.   I'll make up for it this weekend and get some yummy veggies in the house.  

We ended up only buying a couple white peaches and the threw in some free apricots.

We stumbled upon the cutest little cupcake stand and got this taster of cupcakes.   Turns out she is opening a shop down the street from our house, so we may be in for a treat every once in a great while.    We ended up only tasting one and saving the other two for tomorrow.

Hope you enjoyed the longest day of the year today.

Remember to eat well and play well~

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