Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Prep

What do you do when a you have an extra hour on a Sunday?

No matter how busy the weekend has been, you usually can find an hour or two of time to prep for your week.  I like to use this time to prep the kitchen for the week.  I work 40 hours plus a week with 2 hours daily commute, so our midweek time is precious to say the least.

We recently purchased a juicer and in order to make juice, you need items to juice; clean items is a good place to start.  I must admit the juicer purchase was sparked from my hub watching a video about the topic and all the benefits it brings.  We used a coupon, used an exchange of something else we needed to return and talked them into free shipping when they didn't have the one we wanted in stock.  So all in all I think it was a good purchase.   The jury is still out...   Luckily it is from BB&B so a return is possible any time.

We've been juicing away ever since.  We're not juicing all day or even as meal replacements really.  Mostly as snack or small meal replacements. 

We have a veggie wash which MIL(mom in law) got for us and and here it is being put to work.  Juicing takes a lot of veggies so i had a lot of veggies to wash.  Aren't they gorgeous? 

This Sunday I went to Sprouts (some previously Henry's) and stocked up on some fresh goods. Their prices can be manageable, if you pay attention.  Wednesday is actually the best day to shop there because they have both week's sales on, but as I mentioned I like to most of my shopping on the weekend when I can take my time and be in my "cute sweats" or "Saturday pants". 

Here's the beast.
I'm not at home right now but boy is my body craving a green juicey right now.

Ignore the glare in these photos but here I had packed up some salad fixins' for a couple of days.   The tub on the left came from the deli (Ralphs I think) the day or prior when I must have been feeling frisky and purchased a small tasting from their olive and cheese bar.   Olives, feta cheese and olive oil, I believe.   My grape tomatoes container was approaching empty so I poured the remainder in the tub, and then I layerd on some mushrooms.   Notice, the mushrooms stay out of the oil because of the tomato buffer.   

Here we have some white bean hummus and some freshly cut carrots.   I am about to package the hummus up in individual containers so they can be eaten at work, on the pool deck (the hubs), in the car and more.

Here we have the jar which these white beans soaked in over night.  It is a pretty jar. You can get a sneak peak of it full of beans in the veggie drying picture above.

Add the beans to a large stockpot and fill with a couple inches of water.

Boil up for about an hour or so.   Little inside EWPW secret, I had these boiling Sunday evening while watching TV Sunday evening (these were the last of my day's project) and I let them boil a little too long and we started to smell a little browning or the start of burning.  I jumped up and rescued the little suckers and come to find out, there was a layer of perfectly toasted browning on the bottom and the taste was kind of catchy.  I may almost burn them every time, we'll see....

 Have a fresh day and eat well and play well~

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