Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Garlic with some pasta

The title is not a mistake. This meal had a new twist to it and it was raw garlic and lots of it.

The Hubs was taking a study break and saw this quick pasta dish and decided to whip it up for us one Monday evening. It was a whole wheat pasta base with fresh spinach cut into small pieces. The sauce was spinach and 5 cloves of garlic and some olive oil. Now hind sight suggests that it should have been probably one clove of garlic.

Cooking is a bit of an experiment at the EWPW household, but that's what makes it fun.

The dish had a really wonderful taste but the garlic burned the tongue both while eating it and afterwards.  I most always have sparkling  water (Trader Joe's) with my meals and drinking this after eating the dish was creating such a burning sensation on the tongue.  Whoo... it brought a new meaning to the word "kick."  

All in all, I would eat it again but I think he'll cut down the raw garlic cloves quantity.  Have a great day and eat well and play well.

We had a fun Sunday dinner with friends last Sunday, I am excited to share the prep photos with you soon.

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