Thursday, April 26, 2012

Play Well

We do a lot of talking about Eat Well here, but let's stop and talk about some Play Well.

Both my husband and I have been on some great vacations, both seperatly before we met and together after we met.  Separate or together we have been to Africa, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, Greece, American Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Fiji, Cancun, Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas, Zihuatanejo, as well as other Mexico areas.  Additionally, Hawaii & Alaska, and a handful of the other American States.  I am sure that there are some that I am forgetting, but these are the destinations that I can think of, off the top of my head.  

We are so greatful to have had these wonderful opportunities and hope to have many more adventures in our future.  I have been eyeballing Costa Rica, and my husband would go back to Australia in a heart beat. 

Our travels have slowed down over the last few years for many reasons; work, family, school, etc., but we love to do local travel.   A big shot out to my hubby whom finished his Thesis this week with... drum roll please... Straight A's. He will be receiving his Master's Degree after 2 years of hard work and plans to walk in July.  Now on to coaching at the State Championships Swim Meet this weekend, go Pirates!~

This summer, so far; we are planning to go to (starting next week) Oklahoma- for my little Brother's College Graduation, Lake Arrowhead, Lake Havasu, (both of which are my havens for the same and separate reasons) camping at Leo Carillo State Beach, camping at Doheny State Beach, and we are in the planning stage of taking a trip to Boston and Maine in June.  There's a couple reasons that this trip should happen and I'll explain that on another day. 

Where are you going this summer and what California camping spots do you love and repeat visit? 

Leo Carillo State Beach:  we haven't been yet, but I have heard that it is a great spot.  At only an hour and a half from our house, it is a jewel I am happy to find.

Doheny State Beach is another very close camping spot to us.  We went to Doheny days last year in September (A music festival) and saw how close it was to the campgrounds and thought oh how nice would that be to be able to go to the festival both days and have a camping spot.  I was able to watch the Calendar and got us a beach front property for the weekend.  It should be a blast...

I will plan to take photos of our mini travels this summer and share them with you here. 
Would you like that?

Have a great rest of your week and weekend.   We have had some Thunder showers here last night and today, but it is suppossed to clear up and be beautiful and around 75-80 degrees this weekend.

Play Well while you are Eating Well~

P.S. While writing this post I am lunching on left over tomato/basil pasta and a Turkey Stuffed Red Bell Pepper which my new Business Partner made as a trial run for a new feature on our Menu.   Both hit the spot and allowed me to stay at my desk and write this piece.  Visit my new pages on this site, to get a piece of the action, which is Freeze Well, Eat Well. 

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