Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sweet Potato Coconut Soup

You say tomatoe, I say tomato.
You say potatoe, I say potato,
You say yam, I say sweet potato.

(Technically, a sweet potatoe is not a yam, but so many of us call the below a sweet potato, so I will stick to that on today's show)

What I have done here is washed the sweet potatoe, poked it with a fork a few times and placed in the oven or toaster oven if you have one for about 45 minutes. Temp can be somewhere over 425 degrees.

Now, this simple process can be done for a simple prepping of a snack or side dish for a busy moment in the week.  I often bake up 2-4 of these at a time, just so that I have them on hand for the next few days.  Let's be honest, who has time to wait for 50 minutes for one of these to cook when you actually want one.  Not me, so I do it when cooking a different meal or running a circle of other chores.    Package them up with butter and cinnamon and a perfect midday snack at the office. 
Back to the soup... once it is cooled enough to handle, peel of the skins and place in the bowl.  Now this recipe only called for one large sweet potato.   Now after tasting how yummy it was, I wished I would have doubled it.

Low Sodium Vegetable Broth helps here.

Coconut Milk is pretty fatty so opt for the light.

This is curry, I got it at a Vietnamese store I went to with my coworker, but I think you can find it other places as well.    (Have you tried curry in your chicken salad sandwich?)

Marsala, I just happenned to have it.

A little Cayenne Pepper

Watch out bowl, you are about to get mxed up.

Blender stick comes in handy here.

Here we have a very non fancy piece of toasted bread with butter and parmesan.  Actually I believe this is Romano, left over from another time.

Yummy lunch or light dinner.

This recipe comes from Jenna at Eat Live Run whom is abloggess...

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