Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Daily Ingredients & Track Stars

Is there one item or a couple of items that you consume or use daily that could be toxic to your health?   Do you track your progress so that you can achieve your goals?

For example, have you ever flipped over the bottle of Coffee-Mate creamer and read the ingredients?   If you haven't, you're in for a (not-so great) treat.   It is full of chemicals and very non "whole foods" items.    Does it really make your coffee taste that much better, causing your to you decide to put that in your body every morning?   One, two or three times, every morning.  If reading the ingredients isn't enough, measure the calorie content in what you usually pour into your mug.      The good news is that there is a new product out with the new year.  Coffee-Mate realized what they're dishing out is not so great and came out with: Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss.  It claims to be all natural and has only 4 (non chemically) ingredients.  How does it taste compared to your old standard?  Let me know.     

Another alternative to the oh so sweet bottle-of-chemicals is just pure sugar and milk.   Yes, I said pure sugar, or even try brown sugar.   Sugar is much more natural then the processed stuff that comes in the pretty little packages.    When you make that choice, you are choosing a "whole food."  If you are worried about your sugar intake, you can cut out sugar from somewhere else in your diet.  Like a processed...anything...

Back to tracking your progress.

A review came out of some new products for tracking your progress.  If you aren't in the market to buy a new product, you can always be vigilent and track your walk, run or skip on and it is free.

Here a few new tracking devices to think about if you are planning to put yourself into full motion this year.

Reebok InColor Pedometer: ($40)  The clip-on records your steps, distance, total time moving, and speed.  Plus, it alerts you when you fall behind your goal pace.

Fitbit Ultra: ($100)  Be a stair master wit this, while it measures how many steps you take and how high you climb.  Messages like "Let's go!" pop up if it's been too long.

BodyMedia Fit Core Armband.   ($180)   Wear this 24/7 to track everything from how long and restfully you sleep to your exercise intensity and calorie burn.  If money were no object, I would have one of these :)

Have a great day and EatWell and PlayWell ~

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