Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Deadliest Catch

Mid afternoon yesterday I get a text from the hubby saying we are going to have a healthy and surprisedinner tonight.  (I know, I know, I count my blessings daily) I think to myself, it's only 2 o'clock why is he already thinking about dinner.   Well it turns out during his midday break, he swung by Sprouts for his meat run that he does every couple weeks or so.  Apparantly in honor of his favorite show The Deadliest Catch season premiere and his current diet goals, we were having Seafood Salad.  

Now some would immediately think, I wonder how much that costs!?   Well, ask and you shall recieve.   He showed me his "deal" because he knew I would be questioning his out of the plan splurge.   Turns out he spent a whopping .55 cents on two scallops, $5.17 on the hunk of Sashimi Grade Ahi Tuna and...  $.00 on the shrimp.  I guess his gift of gab, bought him a free sample of the shrimp (that's the blank label in the middle), way to go hunnee.  The rest of the items in this meal, we already had on hand.  Yes, a fully AND properly stocked kitchen is key to impromtu/quick/healthy meals...

So as you will see below...with a little TLC and some fancy knives (and a torch), you can look super fancy in no time.

Here is part of his catch soaking in water, to fully defrost. 
Oh, how he loves his metal prep bowls from Smart & Final.

 I was busy doing something else at this point, so I said, "take pictures." 
And from the looks of it I think he kind of got into it.
 Here we have the demonstration of how the asparagus were cut in half with the santuko knife that he got for Christmas many moons ago.
 This allows you to have some flat surface areas for grilling.
This is the start of our Seafood Salad, on our pretty white square plates, that we argued over (yes, I said argue) during our wedding registry process.     These plates are huge by the way, but it is veggies, so eat up~
He won and he was right; the white does look classic, elegant and timeless.
 Here we have a bit of olive oil heated and he is starting to grill up the asparagus.

 Add some salt/pepper/garlic salt.
 While the asparagus are grilling, pull out the two scallops and pat dry with paper towels.
 TLC for the scallops.

 The asparagus are starting to brown.
 Aren't they pretty...
 Tumeric, a healthy spice, according to the chef.  I will check my references to report back on why it is so healthy.
 The scallops got salt/pepper/tumeric and paprika. 

 Flip and repeat for other side.
 The asparagus have their proper grill marks and we need the pan space so time to pull them off.
 You can see how nicely these grill with the spices on them.   (These were my favorite part)
Now time for the steak... Ahi Tuna steak that is.

Here we have another use for a creme brulee torch.   
See, the torch can be used for adding pounds and for removing them with healthy ahi salad.
 Slowly Sear the ahi, runnng the torch over the whole area.
 Flip and torch the other side.

 Also, torch the sides for full searing.
 This knife only comes out on special occasions.  This is his sushi knife.  Oooh and Aah time...
You can't see it, but he is wearing a chef's hat for me.  No, not really... 
 These are beautiful slices...
 Now that is a dinner I will put my chopsticks to!

Added the shrimp (pat dry with paper towl, they were bought already cooked and served cold)

 Ponzu Sauce as the light dressing
with Soy Sauce (low sodium and you don't need much) and Lemon Juice (as much as you'd like)
Isn't it gorgeous!~

Last night we remembered to Eat Well and it was so tasty.  We enjoyed watching the Season Premiere of Deadliest Catch and the Season Premiere of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.  I kind of got into his show watching through my hands at times and he kind of got into my show saying wow that's bad.  (This season is about LA School district food; it looks like Jamie has work cut out for him this time around!)

Tonight the tv will probably stay off.  I've been running around the house doing chores (with music playing of course...Jazz this evening, to calm my Wednesday nerves)  and we will probably head to the gym about 8:30 for a late workout.  I realized it's Wednesday and I haven't been yet and he wants to get in a workout after he gets out of coaching practice, which isn't until 8 tonight.

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