Thursday, March 31, 2011

Consignment Store

I now officially have a twitter page: which I am completely new at and have only posted my first tweet today.    If you follow me now, you will be there when I actually find the time to utilize it and get good at it  ;)

The "high pressure, first tweet" was in reference to my appointment at a consignment store. 

I brought in about 35 pieces of my couple size bigger clothes and what they do is go through them one by one and tell you what they will take and what they will not take.   They took 26, so I am off and running as a consignment store sellee.   Perhaps I will make a little fun money on next month's check run.  Time will tell.  Either way, it was sort of a celebration moment, when she looked at a couple of the pieces and said oh those are really cute, and I said, thanks but I can't wear them anymore.  She asked, oh did you lose weight and I said yes- "XX pounds to be exact..."   (

I kept most of my good jeans, I couldn't let those go.  If it turns out that this is actually profitable, maybe I'll be able to part with them...

P.S.  This is probably my 3rd time ever on YouTube- but speeking of tweets, this commercial is cracking us up in our house lately....    Funny Tweet Commercial on TV Lately...   I think the word my husband uses is: disturbing...

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