Monday, August 6, 2012

A Quick-Fix and A Throw Together Lunch

Sometimes the best meals or snacks are not planned and come out of a quick burst of creativity.
I had just returned from a store called the HB Farmer's market, which has a deli of fresh hummus, tzatziki, and baba ghanoush.  Don't mind if I do.   Shopping makes you hungry, so it was quickly snack time.

 My husband was putting some of his fresh caught fish to good use and made himself a scrumptious fish salad.

 We also wanted to try out a quick recipe suggestion from a friend and whipped up these baked breaded zucchini coins.   They turned out delicious.

It all came together on the table. 
I thought I would leave this photo un-cropped because in doing so, it tells a story. 
It reminds me that this was a Sunday afternoon, the day after our anniversary.  I see part of the gift that I got for my husband which was this mini portable ping pong set.  (5 year gift tradition is wood, which was difficult to adhere to)  We had a nice little rally that day set up on the kitchen table, a little playfulness goes a long way.   You can see he is patiently waiting for me to snap the photo before he eats the meal he (mostly) just prepared.  Good thing he has that beer in hand, to buy me a few seconds.  You can see my camera lens cover on the table, which shows my haste in "Wait, let me take a quick picture of this gorgeous food."

Here are some other quick snacks or meals that have made it on a plate.   These are what I like to call "quick fixes" because they are satisfying, healthy, and are made up, from "what's in the kitchen."
Simple Pear Slices and Cinnamon and Sugar Toast.  A sweet alternative to junk food. 

 Using left over steak, I was able to quickly able to assemble a nutritious steak taco.  Look at all the colors.

 Add an orange on the side and we may just have a well rounded meal or snack.

Here we have another quick taco with a Trader Joe's chicken patty and peppers.  On the side is cucumber, tomatoes, hummus, green onions, salt, pepper, oil and vinegar.  Turns out to be a wholesome salad.

Have a great night and Eat Well and Play Well ~ 

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