Monday, June 25, 2012

Things That Go Crunch

I recently stumbled upon this product and I may be addicted.   This popcorn brings memories flooding back from my elementary school days when we used to make baked dill oyster crackers.   There is just enough flavor on this popcorn to make your taste buds sing and it is not greasey, heavy or buttery. 

I have been taking my own popcorn to the theater for a couple years now, and this yummy bag will definetly be on my pack list the next time I hit a theater.

Good news is, popcorn is high in fiber and if you find the right product, it is a healthy portable snack...

Another product that I stumbled acrossed this weekend is Freeze Dried Edamame.
This product is a little harder on the pocket, but if you think of it as a similar snack as a protein bar the price is comparable.

This product is high in protein (soy protein) and low on sodium, preservatives, and gunky yucky stuff.    It is surprisingly filling, which is because of the protein content.

I was at Whole Foods when the guy stopped me for a taste test of these, but I may be pecking around to see if I can find them at a little lower price somewhere else.  I love Whole Foods but some things can be bought elsewhere.

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