Sunday, February 27, 2011

What's Cooking?

This Oscar evening turned into a couple hours of cooking up a storm in this kitchen.  At times it was two chefs jockeying for a spot at the cutting board and spice rack, but we have come a long way in cooking together in one kitchen.  On my agenda:  Borscht Soup (In honor of Oscar Red), Cucumber Soup, and Salmon.  On the hubby's agenda:  Organic Whole Chicken Barbeque, Grass Fed Steak, and Steel Cut Oatmeal.  In addition, I made a couple very colorful salads, packaged ingredients for Turkey/Cucumber/Tzatziki wraps and packed our bags full for lunches for a few days ths week.

Our new food scale, so when a recipe says 5 lbs of beets I can figure out what the mean~

Cut the greens off, rinse and scrub

Peel Boiled Beets.  Notice I am wearing an (old) apron because beets bleed!

Aren't they gorgeous!

I had two soups going at one time, a first for me.

My work space, looks chaotic in this snap, but you will see the recipe stand, cutting board and knifes which all get a lot of use these days.
Hard to get an in pot action shot because of the steam.

Serious Cook and Freeze Session in the works

Lunches will be healthy this week ~  (The right is cucumber soup)


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