Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tilapia Tacos Treat

Talk about a treat for the pallet.

My husband's friend came over to make us a peace offering (long story but good friend so not really necessary) meal, and boy did he deliver.

The tilapia was frozen from Costco (we've since bought some for our own freezer) and the boys pan grilled it up into it's beautiful state that you see here.

Now guacamole is a favorite among a lot of folks, and there are lots of different ways to make it, but the way it was made this night might hinge my guacamole making for all time. Fresh cilantro and lime were key ingredients here and I don't believe any sour cream was used. It tasted so fresh and delicious. We have a small debate in our household on what should go in guac, it is sour cream versus mayo, can you guess which one holds my vote? Ok, I'll tell you - my opinion there are a few things that mayo belongs in and guac is not one of them. The battle may have subsided though because the other night I made a trial version using the frozen cilantro cubes from Trader Joe's (3), lime, and a little bit of sour cream and the hubby was raving about how extremely yummy it was. I agreed.

They key kicker to these tacos was the mango cilantro salsa. Chopped mango, red onion, cilantro, lime and I'm sure other secret ingredients. This on the tacos, was out of this world.
    Just a little close up.


We had the option of the traditional cabbage and white sauce condiments which was yummy as well, but it was nothing in comparison to the mango salsa.

A feast to be repeated.

Have a great day and Eat Well and Play Well~

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