Monday, April 4, 2011

Vegetable Fajita Salad

After a Monday of a lot of changes in the works and a busy weekend that did not end in food prep, I was tempted to cave in and grab take out.  (All good changes, just have to get through the growing pains...changing job positions, on a new car hunt, and more....) 

I missed by favorite pilates mat class by about 15 minutes, so I decided to lace up and go for a dog wog. (Walk/Jog with my dog)   I was only out there about 25 minutes, so I will probably do some squats/lunges and should probably add in some shoulder/back rehab exercises/stretches a little later.  If I type it, I presume it will motive me ;)     Summer time is.... just around the corner.

I opened the freezer hoping to find my favorite chicken patties, but instead found my favorite veggie patties.  I opened the refrigerator and found my favorite red vegetable, red pepper.   I then decided on "veggie fajita salad"  

I sliced a small onion, placed it in a pan with hot olive oil and started to "stir fry"

After the onion started to sweat, I added the peppers that I just sliced up.  Stir Fry 

I then found a bag of sliced mushrooms and threw a few in, for good measure.

 Once the sliced veggies were brown and limp, I added the veggie patty.  It just needed to be heated, browned, and then chopped.

Once it was heated all the way through, I was able to slice it with the spatula.  I chose long slices, to match the shape of everything else.

 Smells so good ~
  And look there's enough for the hubby when he gets home from school and hopefully even my lunch tomorrow.  Rinsed some lettuce in preperation.

Place a large helping on top of your bed of lettuce.  I suggest adding some fresh salsa and maybe some pepper.   (I just ate this, it really was soo good.)

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P.S.  Loving the CMA's right now on the tube while cooking, blogging, doing laundry, researching cars and more~   It is recorded from last night, but it is so good tonight.   

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