Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Breakfast with my recipe stand...

This photo says a alot about a Saturday or Sunday morning, once or twice a month, in our house.  The husband was working, so I was left to cook for myself and with a tiny bit of time.  I am always looking for more time, if you find any extra, send it over...

This is a basic egg scramble and I threw in a big handful of Spinach at the end; until it shrunk up.    As you know, Spinach is an extremely healthy vegetable and it is important to work it into meals (or smoothines) often.  It is almost at the tip top of the ANDI scale, beaten out only by a few of the greens like: Bok Choy and Kale. 

 There are many different types of Kale.     Bok Choy is in our fridge right now and is often used in Asian Cuisine.
I guess I went big with 3 pieces of bacon that morning, bacon makes me smile.   We have gone back and forth between turkey bacon, low sodium bacon and regular bacon.  We tend to buy regular bacon with the lowest sodium count we can find at the time.   The turkey bacon is a little more processed (my opinion, have not checked my facts) and you typically have to cook in olive oil, so you are adding fat.   Olive Oil is still fat, even though it is known as the good fat.

I "treat" myself to a glass of orange juice almost every morning, usually along with a mug of green tea.  I read that orange juice revs up your metabolism when drank first thing in the morning, so I have been going with it ever since.   If we can't get to a local market that sells fresh squeezed orange juice at the right price, then we get a brand that has the least amount of ingredients on the list.  (A tip that works for practically anything, more to come on that topic, I promise)

In the background you will notice my slightly tosseled recipes and recipe stand.  I am constantly pulling recipes from magazines that I get, blogs that I read and books that I delve into.  If I have a free few hours, you will find me planning meals and shopping for the items I don't have.  (And then cooking them of course.  It is amazing what a couple hours of planning and executing on a Sunday can do for your week.  Wonders...

Look at the fore arms on that strong guy, he must have eaten his spinach ~

Have a great Sunday and remember to Eat Well and Play Well today ~

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