Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Talko Tuesday" Night

Let's take Tuesdays to get a little serious (or a little silly) and let's talk, no pictures allowed.

Today, this article jumped out at me on the front page of  yahoo.com

7 Secrets of Healthy People
Ever notice how some women seem to stay slim without ever stressing about missed workouts or counting a single calorie?  It seems unfair—and frustrating!—but those ladies might have some secrets the rest of us can steal. Turns out, you don’t have to completely overhaul your diet or exercise regimen to see fast and impressive results on the scale.  In fact, recent research shows that sometimes it’s little, practically effortless changes to everyday habits that make the pounds fall off fast and forever.  Try incorporating some of these simple, science-backed steps into your day-to-day life—it’s your turn to become one of those “naturally” slim lucky few!

Make time for tea
Women with the highest intake of catechins, antioxidants in tea that may accelerate fat burn, gained less weight over 14 years than those who sipped less, a study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reveals. White and green brews have the most catechins.  Get brewing!
My Words: Tea is a great way to get a zero calorie distraction, fill or great tasting beverage.  Coffee itself is not fattening, but when you load it with sugar and creamer it becomes a ritual that will put you over the top.  Tomorrow morning, read the ingredients on your favorite flavored creamer.  Do you really want to put all those unrecognizable items in your body every morning?    Also, check the expiration date, "dairy" that lasts that long, it can't be natural... 

Join the breakfast club
If you don’t already have regular morning meals, it’s time to start: Lifelong early eaters have a waistline about 2 inches smaller than that of breakfast skippers, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reveals. An A.M. meal may rev metabolism; plus, it may cause you to make less of an enzyme that raises cholesterol.

My Words: Most important meal of the day is not a saying for the fun of it, it is true!   Think combo of carbs and protein.  Oatmeal with protein, is a new one I'm cooking up around here.

Move your workouts to the morning
Breaking a sweat before you sit down to breakfast  can help you trim down faster, a study in The Journal of Physiology finds. Exercising on an empty stomach in the A.M. improves glucose tolerance, which spurs your body to shed fat.

My Words: Most importantly move your workouts to "happening."

Savor your food
Eating slowly and steadily can help you stay slim. People who took 30 minutes to eat a bowl of ice cream created more fullness hormones than did those who ate faster, a study in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism notes. Whenever you can, ditch distractions like the television while you’re dining so you can concentrate on enjoying the yummy food in front of you.

My Words:  Satisfaction can be achieved from tasting lots of foods, not eating lots of food. 
Refer to "French Women Don't Get Fat,"  she talks about how you can eat bread every day and live to love food.

Start with water
Downing two cups of H2O before meals helped people lose about 5 pounds more than those who said no to water, research from Virginia Tech reveals. Water is filling, so sippers ate 75 to 90 calories less. Enjoy a few cups of water while you prep a meal or before your entrée arrives at a restaurant to effortlessly keep calories in check.

My Words:  Anybody who knows me, knows that I always have a large water bottle with me.  I recieved two "eco-friendly" water bottles for Christmas and was thrilled over it.

Become a creature of habit
Eating at the same times every day and could help you drop pounds. When mice ate at scheduled mealtimes and fasted for 12 hours at night, their liver turned on genes that burned more sugar and fat, say scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California. No, we’re not mice, but if something as simple as sitting down to dinner at 7 P.M. every night helps speed weight loss, why not give it a shot?
My Words:   Well I am not sure I can weigh in much on this topic, I stick to a routine about as much as 3 year olds in a recital.   Find some foods that you know the numbers of and repeat the yummy ones.

Step on the scale
Dieters who weighed themselves at least weekly lost more weight than those who didn’t, according to research from the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation. Plus, the habit helped nondieters stay at a stable weight. Spotting scale swings early allows you to tweak your eating and exercise routine before pounds can pile up.
My Words:  Pick one day a week to weigh in (first thing in the morning and naked of course)  I choose Thursdays.  The anticipation will make you work harder.

Article Source:  http://health.yahoo.net/experts/healthieryou/7-secrets-slim-people 

P.S.  The first person to tell me, (via Blogger Comment, Facebook or Twitter) which one of these 7 tips that I Do Not Do (and have come to terms with the fact that I may never do) during the week, gets a moment of fame on my blog.  Let's hear it...
P.S.S.  I am pretty sure the name of these Tuesday blogs came from my taquito and guacamole craving.

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